Find the Best Weekend Getaway Vacation Ideas For 2021

Find the Best Weekend Getaway Vacation Ideas For 2021

If you are based in Delhi, you have a wide range of options to book weekend trips online. The city is strategically placed, allowing you to escape the urban rush and hit the mountains instead, in as little as half a day. The geographical location and an abundance of national highways and expressways make planning for weekend getaways from Delhi within 300 km a real possibility. Here's a list of the best weekend getaways vacation in Delhi to keep you occupied on the weekend.

1.     Chandigarh

If you are an art enthusiast, you must consider visiting Chandigarh on your weekends. The city is well recognised and appreciated for its rich pedigree in art and culture. True art admirers come from far and wide to witness the city's urban architecture and well-planned design. It's essential to mention that while there are plenty of man-made structures across the city, there is a rich abundance of natural beauty. When in the city, you must look to explore places like Sukhna Lake, at the foothills of the Shivaliks. This lake is entirely reliant on rainwater.

Apart from the art museums and lakes, there is also the Chhatbir Zoo. If you have kids, they will have a gala time at the zoo with birds, reptiles, and animals in front of them.


If you are spiritual from the inside, then you will like it at Patiala. The Punjabi city is particularly recognisable for lending its name to the Patiala bottoms- dress lowers worn with Punjabi suits and kameez. The city is well known for its rich architectural brilliance, evident in the several fortresses across the city. Among all, the most iconic fort is Qila Mubarak. It is essential to mention that the royal palace was built back in 1763 for the royalty of Patiala. This fortress was originally a mud fortress, which was later revamped to facilitate thirteen chambers in its internal section, last known as Qila Androon.

2.     Bhangarh

If you share the enthusiasm for the unseen and the unknown, paranormal to be specific, you must consider visiting the Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan. The place is famous or, in this case, infamous for being haunted. It's essential for security purposes that you see the fort only in the daytime. This is due to the assumption that spirits haunt the fort after sunset. For context, the city outside the fort is full of ruins from the 17th century. Book weekend trips online to reach the place without any problem.

3.     Kasauli

If you have a particular preference for mountains and greenery when going on vacation, you must look no further than Himachal Pradesh. Due to the lack of Romantic Getaways in Delhi, you must look to visit Kasauli for your next getaway. Kasauli is widely recognised as a popular destination in the country's northern belt, where you would want to spend a week or more with your family to enjoy the brilliance of the Himalayas. When in the city, you must visit the Christ Church to explore import-quality painted, stained glass windows. Furthermore, you must also check out the Kasauli Brewery- the oldest brewery in Asia. Additionally, if you are into outdoor adventure sports, you must hike or walk on the Gilbert Nature Trail while admiring the Himalayan valleys.


If you are looking for some offbeat place to cut off from mainstream society, you can definitely consider Panchkula. This planned city is 240 km away from the country's national capital. As mentioned already, Panchkula is an offbeat town in Haryana. This city will help you spend some time with nature, without any unnecessary crowd- self-introspection is highly recommended. Furthermore, it is essential to mention that the town has Asia's most extensive cactus garden.


Lastly, if you are looking for hill-station options to fix that perfect romantic getaway, you must consider Nahan. The naturally blessed hill station is cutely tucked amidst the Shiwalik mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. You will get stunning views of the underlying greenery and clean streets. It would be best to explore the local tourist attractions like the Villa Round and Hospital Round when in the city. The best time to visit the hill station is between September to November.

Now that you have the names pack your bags and hit the road. In case you are not confident about making all the arrangements, you must reach the International Travel House for reasonable weekend getaways tour packages.