Is it time to bring DRS for Big Bash League?

Is it time to bring DRS for Big Bash League?

What is DRS in Cricket?
The Decision Review System(DRS) or Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) is a procedure of technology that assist the umpires and team players to review the decision-making. Players are given 2-3 opportunities to call out an umpire decision they deem incorrect and can therefore request the third umpire for the replay. In short, it is the ability to review the umpires’ decisions and making a change in them. 

Victims of DRS in the Big Bash League Season 10
There were three casualties of DRS unavailability in a single match and this alone made the matters worse. The first victim was Melbourne Stars star player Glenn Maxwell who was ruled out bowled by Chris Gleen's over where the replays clearly showed that the bowl has pitched outside the leg stump. 
The second was again from Melbourne Star Fletcher who was mistaken for the LBW by Jason Sangha. 
The third victim was fielder Usman Khwaja who was given caught-behind. He looked perplexed and disappointed as the ball was seen brushing his pads.

People have also repeatedly fumed over Twitter and demanded the introduction of DRS for Big Bash Leagues and said that people will stay longer at the creases.

Due to these mistakes Leagues like the Indian Premier League have already introduced a single review chance per match for players in 2018, also it is commonly seed used in other T20 leagues  like Bangladesh Premier League and Pakistan Super League

What do the Experts Say?
The former Australian wicket-keeper also expressed his anger at the lack of a proper Decision Review System (DRS) at the Big Bash League 10 edition. I don’t think it’s hit anything. Looked like a lot of daylight between bat and ball – yards of it,” Gilchrist said ON-AIR. “We don’t want to see the biggest names in Australian cricket in this tournament having to leave due to errors that can very quickly be overturned,” Adam Gilchrist 

“I’m sorry but who is in charge of the umpires in Australia? Every game we see horrible mistakes & it’s embarrassing for the BBL completion! The big bash is a wonderful tournament but it’s fast becoming a joke and could ruin players' careers. Please can we have DRS immediately !”— Shane Warne said on December 28, 2020

Keep the game moving. Get the DRS in and use that time to make sure the decisions are correct, the former Aussie captain added further.

What Does the Boss Say?
Everyone is in support of giving the right to review decisions, however, it is the boss the head of Big Bash League Alistair Dobson, who remains unshakable at the prospect of introducing DRS in BBL. He has stated that DRS will not “suit” the T20 league and will look “different” to international cricket's Decision Review System. Alistair Dobson’s flagging the decision may die down if the uproar for DRS continues in BBL. Calls for Cricket Australia to introduce the DRS process have grown louder in previous weeks following a handful of clear errors that surely has taken some of the spotlights in the 10th season of the KFC BBL.

Dobson also revealed that some form of review system may take place for the 10th season had it not been for the immobilizing effects the pandemic has had on CA's budget. It has been calculated that a full-scale DRS could cost as much as $2million for a full season. Taking the full package of technologies like Ultra Edge, Hot Spot, and ball-tracking to different venues that have hosted BBL matches in previous seasons is a particularly very costly exercise.

"We were a little bit of the way down the track to considering it but, for reasons from a cost perspective primarily, it was paused for this season." He stated to

Dobson also feels the changes cannot be made in the BBL 10, and people should expect in BBL 11 onwards because they may likely introduce the review system for both BBL & WBBL from next season.
"Looking for something innovative and unique within some sort of umpire support or review process will be important and also needs to suit the BBL, which aims to be as fast-paced as possible and with minimal disruption.” He further stated

For Future BBL & WBBL 
If DRS is introduced in WBBL it would be a revolutionary change in women's cricket given that The DRS is only the phenomena for World Cups among women's cricket.

Dobson says the DRS should be "BBL specific" so according to him and Cricket Australia’s standard of making everything equal for both leagues we can guess that we may likely to see the use of DRS or DRS in the Dobson way in future seasons of Big Bash League. Check out all the updates regarding Big bash betting tips of season only at the Bhaiji Betting Tips.